The Paleo-Ish Challenge

July 22, 2016

Paleo-Ish Challenge with Healthy Stacey

I love being Paleo. Not in a Crossfit, drink-the-Kool-Aid kind of way. More like a this-feels-SO-much-better kind of way.

Since going Paleo…

  • I went from chronic indigestion/bloating/constipation, to a fully functioning digestive system. I very rarely get stomachaches or feel bloated after I eat.
  • I have lost weight and inches, and have a flatter stomach (probably due to eliminating the bloat). In 2014, I was a size 8/10. By 2015, I was full on Paleo and got down to a size 4. I have loosened the reigns a little (thus the –ish) and am now a very happy size 6. It wasn’t a drastic all-at-once weight loss; it was gradual as I kept making more changes to my diet. I’m okay with not being a size 4 if that means I can eat ice cream, cheese and chips every once in a while. For the first time in my life, I am not trying to lose weight. I just want to feel good. The losing weight just happened to coincide with all the good feels.
  • My hair is the longest and healthiest it has EVER been. Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted hair so long and shiny that it sways when you walk. You know, like Jasmine. After less than 2 years of whole, unprocessed ingredients like collagen peptides in my smoothies and collagen-rich bone broth, I am proud to report that I have a totally sway-worthy ponytail.
  • My nails are the longest and strongest they’ve ever been. You know when they paint that white line on the tips of your fingers for a French Manicure? Au natural for me. Again, collagen baby.
  • My allergy symptoms are near non-existent. Funny thing is, I never knew HOW much they bothered me until they stopped bothering me. Post-nasal drips and swollen glands were an everyday occurrence. Especially first thing in the morning. Now I wake up and feel nothing. And it’s blissful.

See what I mean? Paleo just made me feel better. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many people try Paleo with much bigger health concerns than I had (namely autoimmune diseases), and see amazing, life-changing results from it.

I think it's important to note, however, that I didn’t jump into it all at once. I came into it slowly. Starting with gluten-free, and then adding (and eliminating) a few things at a time. Even today, I still like to call myself Paleo-ISH becasue I would go crazy if I tried to follow ALL the rules ALL the time. That's not living.

So I had a thought.

What if going Paleo didn't mean jumping in all at once? But rather gradually. Just dipping your toe in the coconut water? (See what I did there?)

WHAT IF you just tried it? Not for life. Not for 30 days. Not even all day.

I’m talking go Paleo for breakfast and lunch for FIVE days. That’s it.

Go Paleo-ish.

I DOUBLE DOG dare you.

Yeah. I said it.

Here's the non-mean part. I'm going to make it really easy on you by creating a step-by-step guide with recipes, grocery shopping lists and arm-pumping motivation from the side lines. Here's the deal, I propose to you all:

Paleo-ish Challenge

Here's how it will work:

  1. You will excitedly sign up below.
  2. On Saturday, August 6th, you will get your first challenge email from me to get you prepped for the week ahead.
  3. On Sunday, you will receive your invite to the Paleo-ish Facebook group.
  4. Come Monday, you will receive your Paleo-ish guide for that day all the way till Friday.
  5. Throughout the week, I’ll be cheering you on at the Facebook Group, along with others who are doing it with you. We will share our food pics – bad office lighting and all, talk about our missteps, and give virtual high fives on Friday when we’re done. It will be awesome!

BONUS: For the person who posts the most pictures of their meals, there IS a prize waiting at the end. Because what’s a challenge without a PRIZE?

What’s the risk?
The Challenge week arrives, you try a few recipes, like them, but come Friday, order Pizza, and realize you have no interest in keeping this up. Nice try, Stacey. But I’m over it.

What’s the benefit? 
You try the recipes, love them, and realize how easy it is to make small changes to your diet that make a difference. By the end of the week, you feel really good. You have less indigestion, you’re really satiated after your meals, you’re not snacking as much, and your stomach feels less bloated and maybe even looks flatter. You decide to try it again next week because…why wouldn’t you? Thanks, Stacey! You’re the coolest.  

Does any of that sound good to you? Yes?? Then I’m upping the ante.

I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU to go Paleo-ish with me.

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p.s. Not interested yourself, but think a friend would benefit? Awesome. Just share this link with them in an email or sign them up yourself (ASK THEM FIRST).

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