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April 25, 2015

On July 15, 2015, this blog will be two years old. I don't have any kids. And I don't pretend to compare my blog to a child. But holy wow. I am so ridiculously proud of this baby and how it's grown. Through the years, it's gone through a few iterations…

From the more romantic, but oh-so-basic Love and Health Nuts (As a single girl, I always found a way to talk about dating AND health at the same time),

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.56.52 PM

to the Elf-inspired title, Health Food is my Favorite (which later became Healthy Stacey), 

Healthy Stacey blog

to the present-day very simplified and very "me" Healthy Stacey that you are visiting for the first time right now.

I am so proud to introduce you all to the new fixed-up, feel-good, beautified version of HealthyStacey.com!

Blog, meet your readers. Readers, meet your new blog.


The talented designers of Bumper Krop are to thank for this website makeover. Jen Miller and Meredith Bach are two women I had the pleasure of working with years back in my first job as a copywriter. These women are so creative and intelligent; it’s almost unfair to the rest of us. I am over-the-moon appreciative of the work they’ve done for me and my blog (Did you see the adorable fruit and veggie social icons at the bottom?!). Know that if you’re looking for gifted and thoughtful designers that you can trust, Bumper Krop is it.

Healthy Stacey social media icons

Because a pretty new face deserves a rockin’ body, I’ve also made a few updates to the content and how you can access it.

There are now 4 categories within the Healthy Stacey blog. Just hover over "Blog" on the top menu bar to get to these beauties:

  • Healthy Food – Delicious recipes and food inspriation, never without a benefit explanation (i.e. WHY they are good for you).
  • Healthy Body – Fitness ideas for a great body and digestion tips for a happy stomach.
  • Healthy Mind – Recipes for inspiration, education and happiness. 
  • Healthy Reviews – My experience dining out and traveling around with high standards for good whole food.

Please understand that this is still a work in progress. The categories I created are populated with posts that I have already written. But I plan to make each post even more niche to meet your needs. I have found this makeover to be a catalyst for a more focused blog with clear cut intentions to help you find your happiest, healthiest, bestest self. These four categories – the food you eat, the way you treat your body, the way you think and feel, and the way you shop – are the best ways I know how to get you there.

That said, you’ll be hearing from me a lot more regularly in the coming months. But I’m counting on YOU GUYS to tell me if I’m providing the content that you want to read.

So I guess I better stop talking about it, and start writing it. Here goes…

Very Much Love,


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