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May 24, 2015

I have always been a day-dreamer. I like making wishes on candles and stars, planning vacations I can't afford, ripping out pages of luxurious locales from magazines and walking residential streets to pick out my dream home. 

When I was younger, day dreaming was much more of an unintentional habit. Today, I embrace it. I love that I'm a dreamer. In fact, I try to make time for it every day. Before you think I'm getting all woo woo on you, hear me out.

Daydreaming is really just a form of life planning. Sure, it seems a little far-fetched when it hasn't happened yet. But if you're dreaming about a place you want to visit, a house you want to own, a job you want to land, or a family to call your own, then it's likely that you are trying to take the steps towards making that happen. 

Studies have shown that we may experience real world actions and imaginary actions in similar ways. It seems as if we activate many of the same neural networks whether we're physically sitting in our home office in our oceanside Southampton estate (see picture above) or mentally doing it1. If this is true, then we should all be daydreaming a lot more. 

Daydreaming, however, is really only the first step. I think that if there's a better way to harness these dreams, capture them, take a picture of them, put them on paper, etc., then we should be doing it. 

So I am.

In order for me to visualize my dreams as much as possible, I created a Vision Board. I know I'm not the first person to do this. Vision boards are commonly thought of as poster board collages with pictures and magazine clippings. But to me, this screams intimidation and overwhelm – who has time for craft projects these days, and where do you put this massive (super personal) daydream display? So I simplified the process and digitized my vision board. Now, I can access it anytime on my phone. I usually cruise through it on my morning commute. It takes me 15 minutes max and I always feel better after I've looked through it.

There's something really inspiring about starting my day with the dreams that I am working towards. And there's no doubt in my mind that doing this will lead me closer to those dreams. I know this because it's already happened. Every once in a while, I am forced to delete a slide from my vision board because I already achieved it. It's no longer a vision; it's a reality. Best. Feeling. Ever. 

I have no scientific evidence to back this claim up, but I have found it to be true:

The more I remind myself of my dreams, the more I want to achieve those dreams. 

If you're at all intersted in joining me in my daydreaming ways, follow the steps below to create your own digital vision board:

Step 1: Create a presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint or an alternative program.

Step 2: Pick out your favorite images (Pinterest is an obvious source of day-dreaming inspiration. But I also recommend Zillow for dream-home searching, travel sites like and luxury sites like for dreamers with high standards.

Step 3: Copy and Paste images in-line with your dreams into your powerpoint presentation.

Step 4: Save the presentation.

Step 5: Upload it into Google Docs (free to create an account if you don’t already have one).

Step 6: Download the Google Docs app onto your phone.

Step 7: View your vision board presentation on your phone or your tablet.

Voila! Portable dreams – easily accessible to look at whenever you have five free minutes. Thanks for joining me readers! I want to hear from you. Do you love it? Already do it? Do you think I'm totally off my rocker? Comment belooooowwww.



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