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Detox Day 5

October 11, 2013

Five days in and I can confidently say that I woke up this Friday morning thinking…

  • My body feels like it has energy
  • I feel stable – mentally and physically
  • I’m anxious to get to work and finish a pending assignment

With that said, I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing in my Friday morning. Excitement. Usually I know that if I make it through the day, my boyfriend will be waiting with a glass of wine at home, followed by great conversation, and then a step outside into the city to meet up with friends at a bar or just hang out together and see where the night takes us.

These activities – with the exception of great conversation – will be difficult without a drink or two or three. And honestly, I’m a little down because of it.

I know, I know. It’s pretty sad if I feel that my weekend is ruined if I don’t have alcohol’s presence. Of course we tossed around a few ideas about what we can do instead of drinking – head to the movie theater on foot to enjoy the view on the way, go to a pumpkin patch tomorrow morning, workout – again.

I’m sure we’ll make it work. Possibly even really enjoy ourselves. And I can’t wait to eat my words later. But right now, my alcohol-free weekend is bringing my Friday morning high, down.

Does anybody have any great ideas for alcohol-free activities and things to do in the city?

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