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Healthy Beginnings

July 15, 2013

I am not a physical trainer, nutritionist or over-the-top calorie counter. I am a girl who has a healthy foundation. I was raised by a pseudo-vegetarian that exposed me to organic eating and grilled fish at an earlier age than most children. I resisted a little (as any self-respecting 8-year-old would), but I slowly came to love my grainy bread with natural peanut butter and jelly, my fruit leather (instead of fruit-by-the-foot) and ordering the salmon and steamed vegetables while dining out (after the waiter assumingly placed the kids menu in front of me).
Before I knew it, I had become a health nut. The kind that most people love to hate because I always brought a bag of almonds with me, ordered the salad when everybody ordered the pizza and bought organic as much as I could afford to do so. Entering into my later teenage years, I noticed other girls jump on the health train with me.

The difference was, unlike my twenty-something “healthy” counterparts, I didn’t have to work at being healthy. It wasn’t difficult for me to choose carrots over Doritos, decline a stop at the McDonald’s drive thru, or make a big veggie-filled salad every day for lunch. A healthy lifestyle had been instilled in me from such a young age that my choices were not decisions; they were truths.

It was with this thought that I realized I had a gift that I could share. My love for health didn’t come from a deep dark and dieting place. It came from my heart. With that, I’d like to present to you, Love and Health Nuts.

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