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Using My Brain

October 21, 2013

Okay, I think I’m starting to get it. Closing up on Detox Weekend #2 and I feel pretty awesome. You know why? Because I did things that used my brain. And that was more exhilarating than 3,000 bottles of wine. Over a span of two days I can proudly say that I painted my first work of art on canvas, made up an incredible spiced nut creation without a recipe, carved one adorable jack o’ lantern, listened to entrepreneur podcasts so I can figure out how to make this blog better, wrote a business plan, and took my first kickboxing class at the UFC gym.


Bears Painting


My Physical State:

  • Deep, uninterrupted sleep (Saturday mornings are even better with 10:30 bedtimes on Friday night)
  • Energized but achy (from a helluva kickboxing workout)
  • Better posture (possibly from being less tired)
  • Hungry (in that feeling good and alive type-of-way)
  • Lighter (I can’t prove that I’ve lost weight because I don’t keep track of my weight (it causes unnecessary stress), but I do feel lighter and tighter)

My Mental State:

  • Incredibly focused (on expanding my blog and creating a business)
  • Goofy (finding myself in spontaneous, goofy moods)
  • Appreciative (a clear state of mind made me that much more aware how much I enjoy the presence of the important people in my life)
  • Childlike (being in social situations without alcohol reminds me of being a kid again – I never needed a stiff drink to have an awesome time at a sleepover)

This epiphany is making me question a few things: Does alcohol give us an easy out? Because I’m finding, without it, I have to push myself a lot harder. You know, use my brain to come up with the activity, and my creativity to elevate the moment. Something to think about for the future…