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Alcohol Detox Declaration

September 26, 2013

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the effects of alcohol on a health nut.  I got a lot of (in person) reaction from my friends, along with a couple of comments on Facebook in response. One in particular came from my boyfriend’s good friend…

“Well said! Coincidently, I'm 6 days into a 30 day break from booze myself…I hope.”

I was totally taken aback by this. A 30-day detox from drinking? That’s admirable for a guy in his 30’s with an active social life. In my post, I expressed how good I felt after one week of abstaining. But I still ended with the fact that I wouldn’t want to give it up completely. But he forced me to ask myself, why not?

More over, a few days after I had silently made this vow to detox myself, my boyfriend approached me with this – Would you want to do a detox with me? It was settled then and there. We would start our detox on October 6th, and end it on the 27th – right before the Halloween festivities begin (one of our favorite times of the year).

Yes, ours would only be 21 days long as a result of some prior commitments (a work conference, a weekend house guest, a friend’s birthday celebration). And yes, it’s sad that alcohol has such an important presence in such events. But I can say that ever since this declaration that I have been much more conscious of my alcohol consumption, often opting for just one glass, and sometimes none.

I plan on documenting my alcohol detox in this blog, incorporating a few other health efforts along the way. If anybody has any suggestions, I am definitely open to ideas. Wish me luck!