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Calling All 28-Year-Olds! Do You Feel Different?

November 13, 2013

You know when you were younger how every time you celebrated a birthday adults would ask, “do you feel older?” And you didn’t. But if you were a nice kid, you’d entertain them with a yes.

Well, as I just celebrated my 28th birthday a couple of weeks ago, I am ready to honestly answer YES to that question.

As freaky as it sounds, I literally felt changes in my body and my mind in the last few weeks. Such as:

  • Appetite Changes
  • Concentration Increase
  • Energy increase
  • Patience decrease
  • Motivation increase

I have heard before that the body goes through changes every 7 years, and low and behold, when I looked it up, 28 marks a new cycle – the 28-35 level.

It’s pretty incredible what has been found on this topic. Here is one article that I found informative.  

I’ll let you look into it if you want to explore further, but here is the quick breakdown 28-35.

  1. Creative process becomes more active
  2. Association centers of the brain reach their peak of efficiency (at 35)
  3. Feelings of inspiration hit all time highs
  4. Begin to piece together your emotional influences
  5. Determine my favorite ongoing quandary – Who am I?

So now comes the question – Am I crazy or is there merit to my changes? The few articles I have looked at on the 7-year-change do not address my appetite changes. Has anybody else (particularly 21-year-olds, 28-year-olds and 35-year-olds (the ages of level change) out there felt any physical or mental changes as they’ve reached these peak ages? Love to hear from you!