Eat The Rainbow Paleo Salad
ACV Dressing
  1. Shred one carrot; chop the other carrot.
  2. Shred the sweet potato using a vegetable peeler. Don’t kill yourself trying to shred the whole thing up. Just get as far down as is comfortable and use the rest of the potato to chop up and saute later if you’d like.
  3. Heat coconut oil on pan and toss sweet potato shreds on. Saute until slightly crispy – 5 minutes-ish. Remove from pan to a side plate.
  4. Add more coconut oil to the pan and toss on carrot shreds. Saute until slightly crispy – 3 minutes-ish. Add shreds to sweet potato plate.
  5. Chop up kale so that it’s in nice bite-sized pieces. Put in salad bowl.
  6. Mix in red cabbage and chopped carrots.
  7. Top with sweet potato and carrot shreds.
  8. Scoop beet dip on top. Note, it’s not TOTALLY necessary if you don’t have the time to make it, but I highly recommend it. It’s kind of what sends this salad over the edge. Might I suggest, too, that you just use sliced cooked beets as an addition if you don’t want to make the dip.
  9. Sprinkle with hemp seeds.
  10. Pour ACV dressing on top and aggressively mix it all together.